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Exciting safaris with danger optional

Going on a safari enables you to get close to animals, watch them in their natural environment and be able to take good photos of them.

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In Trøndelag we live close to nature and thus, to a high degree, close to animals. Sometimes when you are on a safari you can get close to the animals without them realising that you are even there.

Other times they certainly know that you are there and they put on a special "show" for you.

Hav?rn med fisk i kl?rne
Svein Wik
Andrè Michel
Familie i et utkikkst?rn der de speider etter bj?rn
Rober Selfors
"?rnemannen" med m?ker p? hodet
Ole Martin Dahle

Mighty musk ox


One of the most exclusive types of safari you can go on in Trøndelag is a musk ox safari. Dovre, south of Oppdal, is one of the few places on earth you can get close to the musk ox. As the musk ox weighs nearly 200 kg and can reach a speed of 60 km per hour, this is not an animal you should search for on your own. It’s good to know that you can go on a safari with experienced and knowledgeable guides up in the mountains throughout the summer. The guides know what musk ox tracks look like and they can take you to typical places to see the musk ox. If you have a good camera, you can take some amazing photos of these majestic animals.

Musk ox fight in Dovrefjell, with Oppdal Safari

The eagle man and eagles

"?rnemannen" med m?ker p? hodet

For several years, Ole Martin Dahle has lived by taking photographers from around the world out by boat to see the white-tailed eagle. It’s one of the most majestic animals we have in the nature.


If you have not heard about Ole Martin Dahle, perhaps you have heard about the "Eagle man" from Flatanger? For several years, Dahle has lived by taking photographers from around the world out by boat to see the white-tailed eagle. It’s one of the most majestic animals we have in the nature. The birds know that when the “Eagle man” arrives by boat that they will get fish, and with a wingspan of nearly 3 m, they sail down and pick up their food. Many a nature photographer has taken their best eagle photos right here.

Elk – the king of the forest

Another animal that foreigners in particular find exotic to see is the elk. The king of the forest, which also goes by the name of moose, lives in many wooded areas in Trøndelag. If you go on an elk safari, you will above all be surprised by how big the bull elk can be. It’s important to be careful when looking for elk too, and to not set off into the woods without being accompanied by someone who knows how elk behave and typical places to spot them.

Moose in sunset at Bessaker, Fosen.

Moose in sunset at Bessaker, Fosen

More animals on land and at sea

A somewhat more unique type of safari is a squirrel safari. Many people enjoy the behaviour of these small, cute animals, hence this type of safari is becoming increasingly popular. An animal that is not quite as cute, but which is much more powerful, is the bear. There are several bear experts in Lierne who can take you out into the woods to show you traces of bears. A purpose-built bear tower has also been constructed that you may climb up to look for bears. We recommend using binoculars. This area has one of Norway’s largest bear populations.

Seals can also be found in some places along the coast. Going on a safari to see these small, playful animals is especially popular among families with young children. The white-tailed eagle normally inhabits the same area so if you go on a safari from, for instance, the island of Frøya, you may see seals and white-tailed eagles on the same trip.

Many hobby photographers (including fathers with an equipment fetish) have been seriously bitten by the photo bug while on safari in Trøndelag. The diversity of animal species is huge, and the guides always do their utmost to ensure you have an exciting experience with close-up photos of the animal and an opportunity to experience first-hand how the animal behaves in its natural environment.

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