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Picnic along the road Picnic along the road Picnic area along the road
Picnic along the road Picnic area along the road
Picnic along the road.
Photo: Anders Martinsen Fotografer
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Are we there soon?

On your way through Setesdal we recommend you to stop and stretch your legs. RV9, the main road through the valley, runs parallel with the river Otra. There are many nice picnic areas along the road, with toilet facilities, benches and a nice view of the river and the surrounding mountains. 
Picnic area along the road

Picnic area along the road.
Photo: Kirsten Leira


Bring your own food

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None of the picnic areas have a kiosk or any other place to buy food. On the other hand, they are perfect for enjoying a packed lunch in beautiful surroundings.

We hope that you will help us keep the premises clean and tidy – by throwing the waste in the rubbish bins.

Picnic area along the road RV9

Picnic area along the road RV9.
Photo: Kirsten Leira


Need to empty the tank?

The large picnic areas have separate toilet facilities.
For those who need to empty the campervan toilet tank, the only place adapted for this is Skarsmo, between Bykle and Hovden. However, if you stay at a camping site, some of them have dump stations. 

The website contains an overview of all public dump stations in Norway.


Tesla charging station Bygland

Tesla charging station Bygland.
Photo: Kirsten Leira


EV charging stations

Throughout the valley of Setesdal there are EV charging stations.
A Tesla-only charging station is located in Bygland, next to the glassblowers workshop Glashytta and the tourist information office.

The website contains a map and detailed information about the various charging stations.

A little bit more than just stretching your legs

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