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A moose standing on a hill with a purple sky behind it and som dark trees on the side A moose standing on a hill with a purple sky behind it and som dark trees on the side
Photo: Leiv Arne ?kset
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Let the adrenalin flow

Marnardal is packed with beautiful nature, exciting activities such as rafting, elk safari, salmon fishing and several wonderful campsites.

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Marnardal is a wonderful municipality north of Mandal with stunning nature and exciting activities such as rafting, elk safari, salmon fishing and the opportunity to visit a wooden toy factory.

Mandalselva river runs through the entire municipality and is one of Norway's best salmon fishing rivers. There are several excellent fishing spots and walking trails along the river which makes it an ideal place for both anglers and hikers alike. There are also several serene small lakes where you can catch some fresh water fish or go for a swim.

Norway's only wooden toy factory is right here in Marnardal. Støa toy factory was founded in 1928 and still maintains the old traditions of the factory when making their wooden toys. The factory is situated right at the bank of the picturesque Høyevannet lake. Here you can watch how a wooden block is turned into a cool toy. You can even try making your own toy if you like.

If you are in the mood for an adrenaline rush and something a little faster paced you should make a stop at Hesså and Adventure Norway. Here you can try the zip line across the river, rafting, abseiling, mountain climbing and much more. If you are not tired after a fun-filled day you can join a safari to look for elk, the king of the forest.

Far from noise and stress lies Høgetveits Naturcamp. Here you can rent a cabin or spend the night in a tent or caravan. Wake up to the sunrise, fresh bread rolls and coffee while the kids play with the animals at the farm. From the campsite you'll have a stunning view of the whole valley. Further south lays Mjåland Camping, a lovely spot to get some sleep. This camping ground is right by the river and is a lovely place to spend the night for fishers searching for salmon.

A guide and some kids rafting in the river.
Leiv Arne ?kset @Adventure Norway
A moose with a calf looking at the camera
Leiv Arne ?kset@Turistkontoret for Lindesnesregionen
Toys from the toyfactory in Marnardal
Family fun
Kari Gloms?
Young boy fishing in a small river
Leiv Arne ?kset@Turistkontoret for Lindesnesregionen

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