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Storesand, Grimstad Storesand, Grimstad
Storesand, Grimstad.
Photo: Peder Austerud@Visit S?rlandet
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In Grimstad, children can fish for crabs in shallow waters, enjoy trips in the skerries with the schooner Solrik, or visit the nice animals at Gurebo Farm.

Gurebo G?rd, Grimstad.
Photo: Grimstad Turistkontor

Sj?fartsmuseet i Aust-Agder.
Photo: Sj?fartsmuseet i Aust-Agder
Storesand, Grimstad

Storesand, Grimstad.
Photo: Peder Austerud @ Visit S?rlandet
Fishing at Marivold, Grimstad

Fishing at Marivold, Grimstad.
Photo: Peder Austerud @ Visit S?rlandet
Open farm at Gurebo

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Meet the farm animals at Gurebo.  The horses always appreciate some attention, and happily carry children around the yard – on their backs or by cart. In the pens, you will find suckler cows, calves, sheep, ducks, hens, rabbits and other small animals. For tractor enthusiasts, a bumpy ride along the forest lanes behind the farm is a great experience. If the children get hungry, there are BBQs by the playground where you can prepare your own food, or you can buy some light snacks from the kiosk. Remember to bring cash.

The Maritime Museum in Aust-Agder

In Hasseldalen, you will find a brand new museum with a modern and fun exhibition covering the maritime history of Grimstad and Aust-Agder. The exhibition encourages interactive participation, and children are allowed to open, press, read, listen, balance, and play their way through the displays.

Explore the skerries

On selected dates in July, the old fishing vessel Østerøy and schooner Solrik offer skerries adventures for the whole family. If you would rather explore the area on your own, it is possible to hire a small open boat with an 8hp outboard motor from the tourist office.

Enjoy nature

When outdoors, your adventures are only limited by your own imagination. Fishing for crabs is a favourite among the children. As mum and dad relax on the beach, the children splash around by the water's edge and cheer with joy when a small crab is caught on the mussel stuck to the end of a line with a peg.

In the forest, there are endless climbing towers and small mountains to conquer. The Observation Tower at Dømmesmoen is 12 metres high, and from the top you have fantastic views of the sea and the forest.

Grimstad is ideal for outdoor pursuits. Experience all the flora and fauna nature has to offer – on bicycle or by foot.

Try your luck fishing along the seashore, or in an inland lake. Some of the lakes require a fishing permit. This can be purchased at the Shell garage in town centre. Fishing along the seashore is free of charge, and there is public access almost everywhere.

Find a playground

Exciting playgrounds can be found in front of Sorenskrivergården in town, and also at Groos Recreation Ground, Marivoll Resort, and Moysand Family Camping.

Activity and adventure parks close by

In Arendal, you will find Vitensenteret Sørlandet – a science-based knowledge centre where the whole family can enjoy a fun and exciting day out. A place where both children and adults can play and learn through activities and experiments. Located only a short drive away is Wannado high-ropes park, offering tree-tops challenges high above ground.

Kristiansand Zoo and Amusement Park is a mere 30 minute drive from Grimstad,  and has all the children's favourites – including pirates, lions, giraffes, the Cardamom Town, the Huckybucky forest, and a timber log ride.


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