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Drinking coffee by the water Flekkefjord Norway Drinking coffee by the water Flekkefjord Norway
Drinking coffee by the water Flekkefjord Norway.
Photo: Peder Austrud @ Visit S?rlandet
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Shopping in Flekkefjord

Flekkefjord has some niche stores offering perfumes, designer clothing, shoes, electronics etc. There is also a large shopping centre with big brand names and eating possibilities. The little niche shops are located in the narrow and cosy streets full of white wooden houses where you can find some great bargains.

Penny Lane

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Penny Lane has been around for over 40 years, and is a shop for women. Clothing and accessories. Penny Lane offers sizes up to 56. 

No 5 for han (for him)

Great shop with a cool interior. The shop has clothing, shoes and accessories for the modern man. No 5 for han has brands like Bjørn Bjørn Borg, Selected Homme, Levi's, Volcom og Jack&Jones. 

No 5 for henne (for her)

Right across the street from No. 5 for han is No 5 for henne (for her). Clothing, jewellery, scarves and hats for women. Brands like Vila, Vero Moda og Pieces. 

Kongshamn Kolonial

At Kongshamn Kolonial you can buy local food and produce from the area, including items produced at the restaurant Kongshamn Bryggesrestaurant at Hidra. The shop also has a coffee bar and offer small dishes for lunch or take-away. Large selection of local craft beer from breweries in Southern Norway.

Paa Lundsen

At the top of the pedestrian street you’ll find Paa Lundsen, a shop with clothes and accessories for men.


To-ka has the city's Perfumes, but also a selection of bags, shoes and boots of large named brands. Also on offer are clothes from Ti-mo and jewellery from Snö of Sweden.

LilleBille (Little Beetle)

Little Beetle sells designer clothing, shoes and accessories for women and children, plus interior. Among the brands are Ganni, Stella Nova, Chill Norway, Beck Søndergaard, Debbie and Katvig. The store also makeup. Little Beetle has won Oslo Fashion Awards prize for best fashion store in Flekkefjord.

Bella Donna undertøysalong (lingerie)

Bella Donna lingerie offers bikinis from all brands available for both the small and large. Also on offer is swimwear, beach dresses, robes and sleepwear. In 2014, Bella Donna lingerie won the prize for best customer service in Flekkefjord.

Thv. Rafoss

Thv. Rafoss is located in the town square of Flekkefjord. It has clothing for men including shirts, t-shirts, sweaters and pants. The store has a large private dress department on the second floor with both daily suits, business suits and tuxedos. Thv. Rafoss has also won a Niche store award previously.

Amfi kjøpesenter (Shopping mall)

The Amfi Shopping Mall is located on the old railway site in Flekkefjord. Here are several large chain stores including Eurosko, Cubus, Zavann and Kitch'n.

There is two hours of free parking at Amfi. If you want to share some of the shopping bargains in social media in a lunch break, you can use the free wireless internet at Café Track 2.

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