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Surfing Lista Farsund Sunset at Lista lighthouse
Surfing Farsund Norway.
Photo: Adam Read @ Visit S?rlandet
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Autumn in Farsund and Lista

The autumn in Farsund offers windsurfing, birdwatching, hiking and activities for the children at Nordberg Fort.
Varbak Viewpoint Farsund Norway
Have a picnic overlooking the city
Adam Read @ Visit S?rlandet
Lista beach Farsund Norway
Lista Beach Farsund
Ann Helen Erichsen
Lista Lighthouse Norway
Lista Lighthouse
Hanne Feyling
Flipside Skatepark Farsund Norway
Flipside Skatepark
Adam Read @ Visit S?rlandet

Surfing in Lista

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Farsund and the Lista region is surrounded by coastline. It receives wind and swells from the North Sea providing windsurfing and surfing possibilities. A short drive from the town centre of Farsund, will get you to Havik beach which is a long sandy beach perfect for using a stand up paddle board, swimming or on a windy day, windsurfing or kite surfing.

A little further up the road is a place called Grettestø where the local community deliberately put stones in the water creating a better surfing environment. This is the most popular place for surfing and windsurfing in the area. You can expect it to be full of board riders when there is either a large swell, or strong winds. 


The Lista region has one of the highest population of different birds. They travel from all over the world to feed in Lista during the autumn, before making their long journey to the southern part of Europe. There are bird watching stations at Lista lighthouse, Harnanger and other locations around the area.

Located next to the Lista lighthouse is a bird museum with information on local birds. A tour can be organised by the local Lista Bird Observatory as well as visitors helping to "tag" the birds.

Nordberg Fort

The Nordberg Fort is open every weekend during the autumn and in the school holidays they have special workshop activities for the children on Tuesday and Thursday during that school holiday week. At the top of the highest peak, visitors can enjoy panoramic 360 degree views over the coastline and mainland.

The fort is an old German defence fortification built during the Second World War. It has been well preserved over the years so the parents can explore this while the kids enjoy the workshop inside the newly built tourism and historical building.

Hiking in Lista

The flat landscape at Lista is perfect for hiking all year round. The coastal paths in Farsund are labelled from the Varnes lighthouse in the west to the pirate coastal village of Loshavn in the east. The Lista lighthouse is a stop on this trail where visitors can buy refreshments from the kiosk or enjoy the views from the lighthouse.

The coastal path takes you along the Lista beaches, the cultural landscape, the old church paths and farm roads, to pebble beaches, farmland, cultural and tight farmyards. These also include old abandoned bunker networks. They are literally everywhere. If you are interested in history from World War 2, then this is the perfect hike.


The Norwegian lobstar is called a hummer and the official fishing season for this starts from the 1st of October until the end of the year. Locals flock the seas trying to catch them but there are restrictions on how many you can get and where you can fish for them. 

The Lista region has started a festival during autumn to celebrate the opening of the fish season called Hummer festivalen.

There is also fresh water fishing and sea fishing available in Farsund. Boats can be rented from the Farsund Resort.

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