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Reine, Lofoten Reine, Lofoten
Reine, Lofoten.
Photo: Alex Conu / Visitnorway.com
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The famous archipelago of Lofoten

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The wild nature of the Lofoten Islands is just as beautiful in winter as the rest of the year, especially when the northern lights come out at night. Every outing in the region is framed by rugged mountain tops that rise straight from the sea.

Hamn?y, Lofoten
Northern lights over Hamn?y, Lofoten
Alex Conu / Visitnorway.com
Henningsv?r, Lofoten
Northern lights over Henningsv?r, Lofoten
Vidar Lysvold / Visitnorway.com
Boating in Lofoten
CH / Visitnorway.com
Hiking in Lofoten
Alex Conu / Visitnorway.com
Moskenes, Lofoten
Moskenes, Lofoten
Christian Bothner / www.nordnorge.com
Skiing in Lofoten
Espen Mortensen / www.nordnorge.com
Boat safari in Lofoten
CH / Visitnorway.com
Svolv?r, Lofoten
Making View / Visitnorway.com

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Experience the northern lights

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Enjoy the Lofoten peninsula

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Lofoten Lofoten
Photo: Johan Mikkelsen

Northern lights forecast

With the Norway Lights app you can check out the best times to see the northern light in your area.

Getting here and around

Get in-depth travel information on Lofoten’s official website.

  • Lofoten train

    By train

    There are daily trains all year between Stockholm, Kiruna, and Narvik. From there, you can catch buses to the Lofoten Islands.

    There are also trains from Oslo via Trondheim and Fauske to Bodø. From Trondheim, the train takes around 10 hours to Bodø. From Bodø, you can take a ferry or speedboat to Lofoten.

    Ad: Check out NSB’s website for prices and timetables.

  • Lofoten boat

    By boat

    There are daily scheduled express passenger boats operating all year between Bodø, Svolvær, and Værøy.

    There are car ferries from Bodø to several places in Lofoten and between some of the islands in the archipelago.

    The Norwegian Coastal Voyage Hurtigruten calls at daily Stamsund and Svolvær in Lofoten.

    Ad: Hurtigruten – “The World’s Most Beautiful Sea Voyage”

  • Lofoten bus

    By bus

    There are public buses every day from Narvik, Bodø, and Harstad to Svolvær.

  • Lofoten car

    By car

    If you choose to go by car, there are several options of getting to and from Lofoten.

    A boat-free connection in the north of the archipelago takes you between the mainland and Lofoten.

    Ad: AutoEurope – always a smooth rental experience

  • Lofoten local

    Local travel

    The E10 (King Olav V’s road) is the main road connecting the Lofoten archipelago from west to east. Travelling by public transport requires some planning, especially if you want to go anywhere off the E10, so check the timetables carefully.

  • Lofoten plane

    By plane

    There are frequent and regular flights to Bodø Airport, Harstad/Narvik Airport, Svolvær Airport, Leknes Airport, and Røst Airport.

    Flight time from Oslo to Bodø is approximately 1,5 hours and an additional 20–30 minutes from there to Lofoten.

    There is also a helicopter service between Bodø and Værøy.

    Ad: Widerøe – the largest regional airline in Scandinavia

See it for yourself

Lofoten also offers …

There is no need to wait until you’re here to find out what you’d like to do. Filter your search and check out the offers below.

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