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Cycling in Troms? Cycling in Troms?
Photo: Eivind Gagnat/Troms? Outdoor
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Cycling in the land of the midnight sun

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The summers in Northern Norway are brief but busy – the precious midnight sun brighten up the landscape, allowing you to explore the fabulous surroundings with mountains, fjords, islands and high plateaus by bike around the clock.

Cycling offers in Northern Norway

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4 days on Finnmarksvidda

Rolling hills and wide expanses, almost invisible trails on heather and gushing rivers. On a sturdy mountain bike you can explore the untouched wilderness of the Finnmark plateau, the home of the Sami reindeer herders.

You will be accompanied by a guide with cooking skills and a good tool kit, and accommodation is arranged in rustic but cosy mountain cabins.

Price from NOK 9,450 per person, including all transport, guide, sauna, meals and accommodation.

Biking the island of Senja - 8 days

This trip starts and ends in the Arctic city of Tromsø. It takes you out to the coast with mountains, fjords and islands, from where you continue by ferry to the magnificent scenery of the island of Senja. Throughout the trip you will enjoy the special light and atmosphere of the midnight sun.

There will be plenty of time to explore the great outdoors on summit hikes or additional bike excursions as part of the tour.

Price from NOK 9,700 per person including seven nights’ accommodation, some meals (breakfast, packed lunches and 5 dinners), map and tour description. Book before 1 June 2017 for a NOK 250 discount.

Cycling in Vesterålen

Watch spectacular fjords, green mountains, dramatic peaks and white sandy beaches roll by from your bicycle seat.

A cycling holiday in Vesterålen is to experience the distinctive coastal culture of Northern Norway up close. The cycling routes are easy to follow with varied terrain but few hills, and some areas are practically traffic-free. The accommodation and activity provider Huset på Yttersiden can help you to find suitable cycling routes, whether you plan a complete cycling holiday or plan to combine it with other activities. Bikes are available to rent in Stokmarknes.

The MTB challenge Offroad Finnmark in the wilderness of Finnmark

The mountain bike race Offroad Finnmark takes place between 27 July and 4 August 2018.

Every year, hundreds of experienced mountain bike amateurs take up the challenge of the race, which has a reputation of being one of the toughest MTB competitions in the world. It winds its way through thorny terrain in the Finnmark wilderness on cart roads and single tracks as well as through pathless landscapes with brooks, creeks and rivers.

A wild Arctic ride at the Lyngenfjord

Rent a bike and set off on an adventure into the Arctic landscapes of the Lyngenfjord. You will find a myriad of single tracks and forest roads in stunning surroundings with rugged mountains, lush valleys and clear lakes.

From the middle of May to August, you can stay out as late as you like and enjoy the golden hues of the midnight sun.

There are plenty of guided tours, festivals and races for cyclists in the Lyngenfjord area, and you can read all about it at visit-lyngenfjord.com.

See where to go

Find the offer of choice in the map below.

Cycling destinations in Northern Norway
The beautiful, green archipelago of Vester?len, still undiscovered by mass tourism, offers easy but varied road cycling Read more
Cycling in Vester?len
Troms?, known as the gateway to the Arctic, is the starting point for cycling expeditions to the island of Senja. Read more
Cycling in Troms? and Senja
The 1,800 metre high Lyngen Alps hide the most fabulous pine forests, mountain passes and heather-clad heaths. Read more
Cycling in Lyngenfjord
Venture out on the Finnmarksvidda plateau, a huge wilderness area where reindeer roam. Read more
Cycling in Alta and Finnmark
Cycling offers in Northern Norway
The Finnmarksvidda mountain plain covers a huge area so we need to count on relatively long days of up to 6-7 hours including a lunch break, in at… Read more
Tour de Finnmarksvidda - 3 days
Cycling in Vester?len is varied, with very differnet landscapes in short distances. Ever since ancient times the people of Vester?len have lived of… Read more
Cycling in Vester?len
The bike festival is centered in Alta, Finnmark’s biggest city. Here all the races, both on road and off road, start. Opening ceremonies and races for… Read more
Bike festival Onroad and Offroad Finnmark 28th of July – 5th of August 2017
Senja - Bike under The Midnight Sun with luggage transport From the lively city Tromsø, surrounded by mountains, fjords and islands, starts a… Read more
Senja - cycling roundtrip | Discover Norway
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    Getting here and around

    Get in-depth travel information on Northern Norway's official website.

    • Northern Norway cycling/hiking boat

      By boat

      Another option is to go with the shipping line Hurtigruten, which stops at 25 ports in Northern Norway, including Vesterålen, Tromsø, Hammerfest, Nordkyn and Kirkenes.

    • Northern Norway cycling/hiking car

      By car

      Driving is a scenic way of getting around in Northern Norway - but be aware that distances between the bigger cities can be larger than you think. It is possible to rent a car at all of the airports in Northern Norway.

    • Northern Norway cycling/hiking plane

      By plane

      There are airports in Bodø, Harstad/Narvik, Tromsø, Alta, Kirkenes and Longyearbyen, plus 20 short runway airports. Travel time from Oslo to Tromsø is around one hour and 45 minutes.

    Mountain biking in Finnmark Mountain biking in Finnmark
    Offroad Finnmark.
    Photo: Steinar Vik

    Safety on two wheels

    Tips to keep you on the straight and narrow

    When cycling on the roads in Norway, the same traffic regulations and road signs apply to you as to cars and other vehicles: Keep to the right, give way to those coming from your right, and don’t drink and bike.

    You may cycle on the pavement, but adapt your speed. You may not cycle on motorways and dual carriageways. Always wear a helmet when cycling. A high visibility vest is a good idea, especially on busy roads. Only children under the age of 10 may be carried as passengers.

    Your bike must have

    In darkness and poor visibility make sure your bike is equipped with a white or yellow light in the front, and a red light in the back. You also need a red reflector in the rear and white or yellow reflectors on the pedals.

    Make sure your bike has two brakes that work independently of each other and a bicycle bell.

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