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View of Bod?.
Photo: Ernst Furuhatt

A vibrant city next to nature

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Bodø has 7 conference hotels with a capacity of up to 1,000 delegates. Compact in size and close to nature, you can combine your meeting with nature-based adventures.

Easy access

Bodø is located only 80 minutes from Oslo by air, and the transfer time from the airport to the city centre is just five minutes.

The conference hotels are within easy reach in the centre, only a short walk from restaurants, shops and the Stormen concert hall and library.

Arctic adventures

You will not find a more impressive view than the one you see through the plane window as you land in Bodø. Fjords, mountains, glaciers, a stunning coastline and crystal clear coral-green water as far as you can see. This landscape creates a striking backdrop for your conference break. Here are a few highlights in the region:

Go on a boat tour through the impressive archipelago, see the world's strongest maelstrom Saltstraumen, visit small fishing villages, hike up one of the 150 peaks that surround the city, go fishing on the open sea, kayak to a white sandy beach, play golf under the midnight sun, wander along the sea with a fishing rod. In the winter, you have a good chance to spot the northern lights.


Bodø is also a great city for cultural events where art, poetry, sport, dance and theatre merge in a dynamite cocktail of extraordinary experiences. A violin conert at Mount Keiservarden, 366 metres above sea level? Rock music in the city park? Jazz at a café? Opera in a pub? Everything is possible!

The new venue Stormen has quickly gained a reputation as a top-class meeting place for acoustic music performances for up to 942 people.


Try local delicacies at one of the many restaurants in the centre or go for a more unconventional setting: Dine on the best local food you can imagine under the open sky on the beach, in a lavvo tent with a bonfire, in the historic setting at the National Aviation Museum, or on a private island with a huge seafood buffet.

Contact information

Visit Bodø

P.O. Box 514
NO-8001 Bodø
Phone: + 47 75 54 80 12

You can also contact Bodø Convention Bureau staff directly:

Raymond Limstrand Jakobsen
Email: Raymond@visitbodo.com

Ann-Kristin Rønning Nilsen
Email: Ann-Kristin@visitbodo.com

Key facts about Bodø

  • Number of inhabitants: around 50,000
  • There are 7 conference hotels in the city centre, with a total of 903 rooms
  • The capacity of the largest conference hall is 600 (auditorium) or 1,000 (standing)
  • Stormen Concert Hall is located in the city centre and seats up to 942 people
  • Bodø Spektrum sports and exhibition hall is located close to the city centre and the airport
  • Average temperature: +10-20°C (summer) and -10-+5°C (winter)
  • Distance from airport to the city centre: 1-2 kilometres or a 10-15 minute walk


The old trading post of Kjerring?y in Northern Norway

Getting here and around

Bodø is the very much the transport hub of Northern Norway, with good connections from other parts of the country. The city is compact and easy to navigate – you can even walk from the airport to the city centre in just 10-15 minutes.


  • By train

    By train

    The Nordlandsbanen railway goes from Trondheim to Bodø – enjoy the scenery at close quarters on the way. Prices and timetables are available at NSB (the Norwegian State Railway).

  • By bus

    By bus

    Check information about local and long distance buses at 177nordland.no.

    Polar Tours offer bus rental for small and large groups - contact them by email at post@polartours.no.

  • By boat

    By boat

    Hurtigurtens' northbound ships arrive in Bodø at 12.30 and the southbound ships at 13.30, every day. Travel time from Stamsund and Svolvær in Lofoten 4 and 6 hours respectively, from Tromsø around 24 hours and from the North Cape around 48 hours.

    Fast passenger boats and car ferries take you from Bodø to several ports in the Lofoten Island and along the Helgeland coast. There is also car ferry betwen Bodø and Lofoten (Moskenes).

  • By car

    By car

    Drive to Bodø on the E6 or along Rv 17 (the coastal route). Rental cars are available from avis.no and budget.no (website currently in Norwegian only).

    If you need a taxi, phone Nordland Taxi on 0047 07550. Remember to check the cost before you start your taxi journey.

  • By plane

    By plane

    Bodø airport is situated only 2 kilometres from the city centre. Take bus service no. 05 to the centre, or walk!

    There are several daily flights to Oslo, Trondheim, the Helgeland coast, Lofoten, Tromsø and Bergen. The flight time between Bodø and Oslo is 80 minutes.


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